Our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is similar to residential treatment except it's in an outpatient setting. Substance abuse is primarily treated along with, depression, anxiety, etc. Sessions are held in a one-on-one with a primary counselor with 1 group a month with peers. Sessions are held in the privacy of your own home. Flexible scheduling allows the client to get the help they need and get back to living their lives without skipping a beat.

The group is held 1 time monthly to allow for clients to fellowship, and share their experiences strengths and hope, resources, and support with one another. Alumni guest speakers come to share their stories and encourage and empower our clients on their journeys to recovery.

Sliding scale available


Cost:  $900              18 - 1hr Sessions.
                                 $50 per session | meet a minimum of 1 (1hr) session weekly for 18 weeks.

                                 Groups are held 1xmonthly, on The 4th Saturday of every month.  

An assessment/evaluation is required for our Intensive Outpatient Program  - Cost $30.            

TOTAL COST - $930 

PAY UPFRONT and get a discount of $100.   TOTAL COST - $830


Our unique approach to IOP substance abuse treatment:

Consistency of assigned counselor

The client has preferred one-on-one over group settings

Individualized treatment

Effective in developing rapport and trust with a counselor

Alleviates fear of judgment, criticism, and ostracization

Women and men feel free to talk about their trauma or embarrassing issues

Prevents retraumatization


The one-on-one individualized approach to the treatment of substance issues has proven to be effective:

Statistical reports reflect a 99% client satisfaction rating of services

Easy to develop a trusting therapeutic rapport that will allow a client to open up, explore, learn, and grow…

Enhances individualized treatment experience

The therapist is available for clients during and between sessions

Increased motivation to participate in treatment and work on issues

Lowers the risk of relapse and recidivism…

Need to complete your IOP quickly - Intensive Outpatient Fast Track Program



Completely virtual, Court approved, Insurance reimbursement, Move at your own pace, Flexible scheduling, one-on-one session, Certificate upon completion, Receive a discount when you pay upfront


Cost: $1,080            18 - 1hr Sessions.  
                                 $60 per session | meet 5 (1hr) sessions weekly for 3.5 weeks | 18 sessions totaling 18 hours only!                               


An assessment/evaluation is required for our Intensive Outpatient Program - Cost $30.     


Total Cost $1,110            

PAY UPFRONT and get a discount of $100.   TOTAL COST - $1,010

No sliding scale is available for the fast track program.