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Image by Markus Winkler


Thank you for teaching me something very important in life and seeing things in a different aspect


Mr. And Mrs. Hinds was so pleasant to have as teachers thank you again


Thanks for the Thinking for a Change class it was very helpful and I would refer friends and family members. I learned a lot of helpful things that I can use in my everyday life skills as far as listening and communicating with people.


Thank you Mr Hinds. I really have not only enjoyed your class but I have learned a lot of tools that I do use since attending your class.


Mr. Hinds, Thank you so much for all of your time you spent with the class (T4C), your calm presence, and your ability to express complex ideas so seamlessly.  I learned so much and will be sure to keep all of the gifts you gave me within my pockets going forward.


Good experience……Mr.Hinds is a GREAT teacher….HIGHLY recommend


Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hinds I learned a lot in the T4C course, I leave with many tools and skills that will help all the time especially in difficult situations.


Mr. Hinds kept everyone engaged and made for a pleasant experience.


Thank you for taking the time in teaching our class (T4C) and your investment in the community. I sincerely enjoyed the course and wish you and your wife continued success!


Thank you Mr Hinds, it was a great experience and I really loved it. You are such and an amazing instructor as well

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