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Counseling - Treatment & Education - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Once I have completed my assessment, am I enrolled in the program, what will happen?

Unfortunately it is not that straightforward. There are a lot of factors involved when answering that question. That is a question the client wants to ask when they call to schedule their assessment with Mrs. Hinds at 346-874-0683.

Do we use the same app for computers and phones or tablets?

No.  For phones the first time you click on the link the client will be asked to download the app, or go to the app store on their device and download it. For computers, the client would go to the Zoom website to download the app.

I have already been assessed by probation; do I still have to do another assessment?

Yes.  Our assessment focuses solely on substance use and how it has impacted every aspect of the client's life.

Do you receive a certificate upon competition of your program?


Do the individual sessions costs additional to the program cost? 

No. the individual sessions are incorporated into the client's program

Are the sessions virtual?

Yes, all sessions for all our programs, IOP, SOP, T4C, Anger Management, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Education, and Addiction Counseling, are virtual.

Will my referral source (probation, attorney, doctor, etc.) know I have been admitted into the IOP/SOP substance abuse treatment program?

Yes. Once the client is assessed and admitted into the IOP/SOP substance abuse treatment program the clients' probation officer/referral source will be notified by email or phone call of their client's admission into the program.  

How do I sign up?

You will need to contact Ms. Hinds at 346-874-0683 to schedule an assessment.

Is this program approved by the courts?


 After being assessed how soon can I start classes?

After being assessed, the client could start immediately.  The client has up to one week to iron out work, home, and legal responsibilities so that it does not interfere with their program. When you are ready to schedule your assessment, you will call Ms. Hinds at 346-874-0683

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment takes about 1.5-2hours.  If we finish early the client is welcome to leave the virtual platform.

  I have to finish my class before my probations are extended?

We offer an IOP and SOP fast-track program. It may cost a little bit more but it will work well with any schedule. If you have a busy life, travel, work long hours with inflexible and inconsistent scheduling, and need to finish the program in a timely manner for probation expectations and still get the help you need.  If you pay upfront for the program you receive a discount. Please see our services page for more details.

Is the Substance Abuse Assessment Virtual?

Yes, the entire program is virtual at the moment, which includes the assessment.  

Am I guaranteed successful completion of the IOP/SOP substance abuse treatment program?

Unfortunately not, successful completion of our IOP/SOP substance abuse treatment programs are contingent on the clients' progress in their program

After the assessment what happens, do you decide what I need or not in the program?

Everything that is to do with the courts or probation the client needs to do the program they require them to do.  So, if they want the client to do Supportive Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient, that is what they will be doing.  We will make a recommendation if the assessment says anything different, but at the end of the day, it is up to the courts or probation.

Which platform do you use? 

The virtual platform we use is called Zoom. It is HIPAA compliant, state-approved, and it is very user-friendly. Once the app is downloaded to your device you will then be ready for class.    For every group and individual session, a new link is sent to the client's email. The link will already have the ID of the session in it.  When the client clicks on the link, it will take them straight to the platform.  If asked, they will then allow their microphone and share their camera.  


Mr. And Mrs. Hinds was so pleasant to have as teachers thank you again


Mr. Hinds kept everyone engaged and made for a pleasant experience.


I became happier and much more responsible due to what my teacher taught me. I am now able to handle different environments and people with a new perspective and make more responsible decisions.


Many of the things that I learned in this program can be directly used to recognize triggers, change my thought process and lower my anxiety


Thank you for taking the time in teaching our class (T4C) and your investment in the community. I sincerely enjoyed the course and wish you and your wife continued success!

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated cognitive behavioral change program authored by Jack Bush, Ph.D., Barry Glick, Ph.D., and Juliana Taymans, Ph.D., under a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). Thinking for a Change incorporates research from cognitive restructuring theory, social skills development, and the learning and use of problem-solving skills.

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is copyrighted by its authors, with certain rights retained by NIC.  Discover and Recover are licensed providers of the Thinking for a Change program. Our staff are accredited facilitators.

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