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Accessing Zoom

If this is the first time using the Zoom app on your device, you will be asked to download it. Sign in with your first and last name. Click the microphone icon then allow your mike. Click your camera icon then select share. You will then be on the platform - you may be directed to the waiting room until the class starts at 6 pm. Be sure to stay muted and that there are no people or distractions around. Be settled and ready to learn.

How to download the Zoom desktop client

Windows | macOS | Linux

To download the Zoom desktop client:

In your internet browser, enter

Under Zoom Client for Meetings, click the Download button.

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Zoom Download Center

At the bottom left of your screen, the Zoom installer (ZoomInstaller.exe) will automatically start downloading the Zoom desktop client. If downloading doesn’t start, double-click the Zoom installer to begin the desktop client install.

Note: After the Zoom desktop client installation is complete, a Zoom icon will appear on your desktop. Complete the installation process.

For more information on Linux or macOS installation, please visit the Support articles on installing the Zoom application on Linux or macOS.

Double-click the Zoom desktop icon to begin using Zoom.

How to download the Zoom mobile app


To download the Zoom mobile app for iOS:

1. Tap the App Store icon.

2. At the bottom right of your screen, tap Search.

3. Enter “Zoom” in the search box.

4. Once your search results appear, tap ZOOM Cloud Meetings.

5. Tap the GET button.

Zoom will start to download on your iOS device.

Note: When the Zoom mobile app finishes the installation, the Zoom app icon will appear on your Home screen.

6. After you finish downloading the Zoom mobile app, you can access and begin to use Zoom by the following methods:

• If you stayed on Zoom’s App Store page, tap OPEN.

• If you exited the App Store, tap the Zoom mobile app icon on your Home screen.


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