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Services for the Criminal Justice System

Discover and Recover Counseling Services LLC., has a long history of providing counseling and education services to our clients who are in the Criminal Justice System.    We have successfully worked with clients from a number of probation services in the Houston area including clients referred to us from Harris County, Fort Bend County and Brazoria County.

Discover and Recover can provide services that effectively meet the needs of our clients with a criminal justice system involvement. We focus on tailored and effective assessments, education course, individualized treatment modalities, and  structured management of our clients behavioral health and educational needs.

Our counselors and educators are non-judgmental and understand that life happens.  We work with our clients to get them through their treatment and educational courses as quickly and as painlessly as possible, so that they can get on with their lives.    

We have successfully helped clients with diverse needs, helping them through Intensive and Supportive Outpatient Programs, Anger Management Courses, Drug and Alcohol Education Awareness, providing evaluations and ongoing counseling as well as our innovative Thinking for a Change course.  

Discover & Recover |  Services for the Criminal Justice System

If you are required by the court or probation service to attend treatment or an educational course then call us at 346-874-0683.  We are completely virtual and offer flexible scheduling for many of our services.  We are happy to accept clients from all counties around Houston including:

  • Austin County 

  • Brazoria County

  • Chambers County 

  • Colorado County 

  • Fort Bend County

  • Galveston County 

  • Harris County 

  • Liberty County 

  • Matagorda County 

  • Montgomery County 

  • Walker County 

  • Waller County 

  • Wharton County 

In fact, because we are virtual we can help no matter where you are in Texas, You don't have to be in Houston.

If you are required to take the Thinking for a Change class then you can join our class from anywhere.  Because we

are virtual - you can join us from your home, or job - no matter where you are in the USA.

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