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How To Access Thinking for a Change Homework Assignments

Updated: Jan 8

We recommend using a PC or Laptop to complete your homework. Although you can complete your homework using a mobile device, some mobile devices may not be compatible.

You can access your homework assignments as follows:

Please go to and click on the Log In Icon at the top of the page.

Login Icon
Login Icon

If you are on a mobile device, click the menu icon first.

If required create your account.

On the login screen, enter your credentials.

Login Screen
Login Screen


On a PC, click on the drop-down as follows, this will allow you to select each of the homework assignments/lessons.

DropDown menu
Drop Down menu

The assignment you are interested in, and complete

Example Homework Assignment
Example Homework Assignment

Desktop Demonstration Video

Mobile Device

If on a mobile device, after logging in, click the 3 lines at the top right of the screen.

Click the plus sign next to your email. You will get a drop-down of all the lessons.

Mobile Demonstration Video

Complete as above, answer all questions on all pages. Applicable course documentation will be provided to help you with each assignment.

Videos on each course are available via the T4C HOMEWORK Videos link.


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