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The Company Overview Description


Discover & Recover Counseling Services, LLC, recognizes that drug abuse is permeating and weaving its way in our homes, employment, marriages, mothers, fathers, siblings, children, etc. Something must be done to break this vicious cycle!

Discover & Recover Counseling Services, LLC provides individualized and innovative solutions to the care and recovery of those with substance use issues and co-occurring mental disorders. Our core values are Integrity, Commitment, Compassion, Empowerment, and Diversity; a Diversity of treatment methods to achieve lasting sobriety for our clients.  Since 2014, we have provided a unique approach that is unreputable.  Our services are designed to meet the needs of working individuals with busy or not-so-busy lives, delivered by our addiction specialist, Mrs. Hinds. MS, LCDC.​​  

Discover and Recover | Capability Statement
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